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Electropolishing is a chemical surface-finishing technique by which Stainless Steel is electrolytically removed, ion by ion, from the surface of the Stainless Product. This removes ferrous particles which would corrode if left on the Stainless Steel parts. It is a non distortion process so therefore Electropolished parts are neither subject to mechanical nor thermal stress from polishing media, nor are they impinged or tumbled. This is a great process when Stainless Steel parts have been exposed to ferrous contaminants (grinding dust, rust particles from adjacent work or abrasion from tools, etc) It also leaves it with a high polish finish. The primary objective is to minimize micro-roughness. This dramatically reduces the risk of dirt or product residues adhering and thus improving the cleanability and the brightness of  the surface of the product.

Because of the process of the Electropolishing the Stainless Steel goes through it exposes an undisturbed, metallurgically clean surface. When Stainless is finished with a mechanical surface treatment (Not the Electropolishing process) the unwanted effects might be - mechanical and thermal stress, embedding of particles and surface roughening. This is avoided or reversed with the Electropolishing and the Stainless will be left with a completely featureless surface.  For these reasons Electropolishing has become a common treatment for stainless steel in industries in which corrosion-resistance and cleanability requirements are particularly high.

Since Electropolishing involves no mechanical, thermal or chemical impact, the results can be reproduced with a high degree of precision, so components with tight tolerances can be safely treated. Therefore small and mechanically fragile parts can be treated. Electropolishing can be applied to parts of almost any shape or size.

Areas where you would find a large benefit to this process
       -    Pharmaceutical
       -    Biochemical and food-processing industries
       -    Boating
       -    Furniture - Indoor and Out
       -    Balustrade
       -    Screws, Bolts or any small Stainless Parts.
             Including Fragile Components

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